Lover's Discretion
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After a month of rising COVID-19 cases, a quarantined married couple, soon realizes that the disease is not the only pandemic they will encounter within their home.


After learning that her once, beautiful marriage, has gone awry, crazed wife, Ashley takes matters into her own hands by administering revenge on her unfaithful husband.  Will, known for his good looks and charm, maintains the facade, unaware that his harbored secret has been exposed.  Payback is a risky business but being quarantined at home during a worldwide pandemic creates an opportunity one can’t resist.

“Lover’s Discretion” is currently airing on Tubi, as part of the “Urban Horror Series” short film block. 
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Shanti Lowry & Chris Attoh
Lover's Discretion on Tubi
Urban Horror Series

Official “Lover’s Discretion” Trailer

Meet the Director

Tor Campbell, Director/Producer

Director/Producer Tor Campbell

Meet the Cast

Shanti Lowry as "Ashley"

Shanti Lowry as “Ashley”

Chris Attoh as "Will"

Chris Attoh as “Will”

Jeremy John Well as "Tom"

Jeremy John Wells as “Tom”

Meet the Team

Tiffany Q. Edwards, Writer/Producer

Writer/Producer Tiffany Q. Edwards

Angela White, Executive Producer

Executive Producer Angela White

Magen Grays, Co-Executive Producer

Co-Executive Producer Magen Grays

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The IFAP Awards Official Selection
Shanti Lowry as "Ashley"
Shanti Lowry as "Ashley"
Chris Attoh as "Will"
Director/Producer, Tor Campbell & Actor, Jeremy John Wells
Chris Attoh as "Will"
Director, Tor Campbell & Executive Producer, Angela White