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GregAlan Williams stars in the upcoming faith-based film “A Question of Faith”

GregAlan Williams has done it all. From the hit series “Greenleaf” to the iconic drama “Remember the Titans”, he’s acted in a wide array of movies and TV shows – and has even written several books.

This September, he’ll appear in the faith-based drama “A Question of Faith”, a groundbreaking film from Pure Flix and veteran producer Angela White.

The film follows three families from different cultures who all live in the same community. While the families are complete strangers and live vastly different lives, they all love their children deeply and are dedicated to their faith.

A tragic accident involving texting and driving thrusts them onto converging paths, where each family questions everything they know to be true. On this journey, they discover God’s love, power, forgiveness, grace, and mercy – and that ultimately, we’re more alike than we are different.

“This is such a beautiful story and an important message – especially in times like these,” Williams told The Gospel Herald in an exclusive interview. “We live in such divisive times, and these three families are representative of the American landscape. Just see these families struck by the same tragedy come together and hold onto their faith, if just for a moment, it’s the story that we need.”

“In ‘Remember the Titans’, we see people transcending issues of race, to bond with each other,” he added. “America loves those sorts of depictions because that’s who it wants to be. Most folks just want to take care of themselves and their families and live a good life. If only for an hour in the theater, this film, this story, these images, allow us to be at peace with one another.”

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“A Question of Faith” will release from Pure Flix on September 29, 2017 in more than 600 theaters.

In addition to Williams, “A Question of Faith” boasts a star studded cast including Richard T. Jones (“Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married,””Judging Amy”), Kim Fields (“Facts of Life”), C. Thomas Howell (“The Amazing Spiderman,” “E.T.”), Jaci Velasquez (“I’m Not Ashamed,” Platinum Christian Recording Artist), and T.C. Stallings (“War Room,” “Courageous”).

While it doesn’t hit theaters until September 29, the film has already been a resounding success in early screenings – and not only among faith-based audiences.

“Not everyone who worked on this film was a Christian – we had some atheists in the mix,” Williams shared. “During the filming of that final scene, one of them said to Angela, ‘I don’t know what’s going on, but I feel something stirring in my heart.’ The Biblical principles of compassion, forgiveness, faith – these are all things that are part of the human psyche and soul, and so when people who are not of faith witness it, it touches their core”

He continued, “If you look at little children, they are so compassionate to one another before they learn otherwise, before the politics and the economy and the war and the strife and all of those things. Those things that we were born with, that spirit of love and forgiveness and compassion. This film reminds us of that.”

While filming “A Question of Faith”, Williams admitted that he was forced to re-evaluate his own opinions and beliefs.

“In one scene, one character tells another, ‘we’re men of God, and we go where He tell us to go and we do what He tells us to do – even if it makes us uncomfortable,'” he shared. “It reminded me that we need to reach across the aisle and be less defensive and slow down, considering others on the life road.”

“One of the remarkable things about the film is that every one of those parents loves their children – and that’s one of the things that we have in common,” he continued. “We all love our children so deeply, and our children often help us transcend our short-sightedness and our hatred. Whenever I’ve transcended my own fear and resentment and anger, it’s really been on the shoulders of my children and their relationships.”

Williams said he hopes audiences walk away from “A Question of Faith” not only entertained and encouraged, but reminded of what unites us in these tumultuous times.

“God’s power is sufficient to relieve us of the things that keep us apart,” he said. “God is sufficient to bring us together.”

“A Question of Faith” will release from Pure Flix on September 29, 2017 in more than 600 theaters. To learn more about the film, visit the website.

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